Cheerleading in Palestine, Texas

Looking for a fun, safe environment for you child to cheer? G-4orce Cheer is under new leadership. We are excited for all the new changes. New prices, new faces, new visions, new protocols and more educated leadership. No hassle, no negativity and no "Dance Mom" drama.

If you are interested in joining our competitive cheer squad check out the advanced cheer class for information on tryouts.

Before registering for a class please make sure you read over and understand our policies:
Expectations of Athletes
Expectations of Parents

Tiny Team Cheer

Cheernastics Class Schedule

While waiting for tryouts to happen you have time to get prepped and ready. We offer a Cheernastics class year-round that will prep you for tryouts in April. Practices start for new teams June 1st.

Tumbling & Cheernastics

Students must be approved for class by the instructor. This 1 hour class is designed for boys and girls to learn advanced tumbling skills and trampoline. Skills include front and back walkovers, round-offs, front and back handsprings, back tucks, etc. There are 8 students per instructor. This class is offered to all children ages 6 years old and up.

Competitive Cheer Class Schedule

Want to become an ALL STAR Competitive Cheerleader? G-4orce is the place for you. We offer competition cheer from ages 3yrs to 19yrs old. Are you an adult and want to compete? Yes, we have a team for you as well. With over 30 years' experience, G-4orce is the only gym in Anderson County that offers this program. Our program is a 10-month commitment from June 1st through April 30th.

G-4orce Athletic's ALL-STAR CHEER is meant to give every cheerleader an opportunity to excel not only in cheerleading, but in life. When properly and safely taught, cheerleading teaches self-esteem, self-motivation, self-discipline, dedication, determination, a strong work ethic, time management, teamwork, team spirit, leadership, sportsmanship, respect for others, poise and grace.

Competition - It is part of our daily lives. We strive to be the best we can be in whatever we do. This competitive spirit however, must be learned, nurtured and developed. We are committed to fostering a healthy spirit of competition among our young cheerleaders. Cheerleaders must always remember to be respectful of teammates as well as coaches and portray sportsmanship in competition by playing fair, learning how to handle failure, and winning graciously. IMPORTANT REMINDERCheerleading excellence means becoming the best you can be individually. Their success is not measured by the banners on the wall, but by the gifts they receive on their path to personal fulfillment.