Bronze Team

Bronze Team is the first step for the gymnast to become a competitive gymnast. Competitive gymnastics requires the gymnasts to be strong, flexible, have higher level skills and discipline. A competitive gymnast is also always working on trying to perfect their skills, not just be able to complete them. The gymnasts on the Bronze Team will be working on:

  • Conditioning/Strength Work ā€“ This is required to not only complete the skills but also to have the body control to try and perform them perfect.
  • Flexibility ā€“ This is needed to help the gymnast with their skill development and dance elements in their routines.

The gymnasts will be working on perfecting the skills they have already learned. Gymnasts will start to learn parts of the routines required for the competition team. The gymnasts will be learning the behaviors expected of a competition team gymnast. Bronze Team will not be a place they will be working on a lot of new skills, but rather perfecting what they know and getting prepared to compete. This team will meet 2 times a week for 1.5 hours each day. The cost is $100/ month.

Multi-Child/Class Discount

We offer a Multi-child and Multi-class discount per family. The first child/class will be at full price. The second child/ class will be 25% off the full price. For 3 or more children/classes there will be a 50% discount applied to the class.

Registration & Insurance

There will be a $50 annual registration fee for each student that is due on initial sign up. The registration fee covers the cost of the insurance policy for your child.


  • Multi-Child Discount
  • Multi-Class Discount
  • Military Discount
  • Public Servant Discount
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  • Sibling Playroom
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  • Open Gym Night
  • Injury Prevention Program
  • Boys & Girls Locker Rooms

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